Seeking Applicants for UUPLAN Director Position

UUPLAN is looking for a director for our strong and growing advocacy organization. This 20-hour position, to start in August 2014, requires a strong communicator, with experience in fund raising, demonstrated skills in leadership development and organizational membership growth, with an understanding of state legislative processes, social media and technology.


The Unitarian Universalist Pa Legislative Advocacy Network, UUPLAN, is a 7-year old statewide advocacy effort of UUs across Pennsylvania, now one of at least 19 similar UU advocacy networks in other states. Our broad goal is to bring UU values to elected officials, particularly at the state level. When issues at the federal level closely relate (as in immigration reform), we also educate and attempt to influence our congressional representatives and senators.

Under the current director, UUPLAN has grown to include some degree of participation from 23 congregations, and has six statewide work groups or “Issue Teams” which guide the organization strategically, develop and maintain relationships with key allies, and recruit and orient new leaders on a daily basis. The issue teams are: Anti-Mass Incarceration, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Immigration Justice, LGBT Justice and Reproductive Justice. Our last two annual meetings have averaged 80 participants from across the state while approximately 150 UUs are active in UUPLAN currently.

Our annual budget, derived from UUA grants, individual donors and members’ dues, has ranged from $20K to $30K in the last two years. Costs are kept low by utilizing home offices for staff, as well as the director’s success at maximizing the travel allowance using Megabus for cross state trips and rented cars. UU Home Hospitality has also kept down lodging costs.

Role and Responsibilities of the UUPLAN Director

The Director, working 20 hours per week, focuses on two main objectives: (1) Building the membership and leadership of the organization; and (2) mobilizing UUs to have impact on specific legislation and programs. He does this primarily by working with and through the Board, the Team Leaders, and the Liaisons (we now have functioning UUPLAN Liaisons in approximately 29 of our 39 PA congregations). He has modeled the kind of ongoing outreach, recruiting, and mobilizing needed to build a voluntary statewide association dedicated to UU values in the public arena.

The Director’s daily organizing and advocacy and administrative work falls in to the following broad categories:

1. Fundraising and Board Development (5%)- some proposal writing, preparing materials for the Fundraising Committee, working with the Controller to assure we are working within budget. Working closely with Board officers to identify steps to strengthen the Board and Teams, to grow in numbers and influence.

2. Membership Growth (30%) – monthly eNews, other promotional materials, personal visits to UU congregations approximately 1 congregation per month, consulting with our UUPLAN Congregational Liaisons

3. Supporting the Issue Teams (50%) – participating in Team meetings, coaching Leaders on strategies

4. Leadership Identification and Development (10%) – designing leadership development workshops, particularly making use of our Annual Meeting

5. Relationships with allies, including other UU statewide advocacy networks (5%)

In consultation with the Board, the director’s use of his or her hours may change to meet new needs. The current director will be available in August and part of September for training and consultation.

Interested candidates should send their resume, along with 3 references, to Board Chair Virginia Kirk ( by April 25.